k-Space is a leader in thin-film metrology solutions for research, development, and production. Our compact in situ metrology tools measure reflectivity, film thickness, growth rate, temperature, wafer curvature, and film stress in real-time.

k-Space Associates, Inc. is a leading global supplier of advanced metrology systems for thin-film and industrial metrology applications. Our thin-film metrology applications focus on optical methods for precision measurement of thin-film and wafer temperature, stress, curvature, bow, deposition rate, reflectivity, spectral reflectance and transmission, and reflection high-energy electron diffraction (RHEED). Our industrial metrology solutions cover many industries, including glass, solar, automotive, and building materials. These solutions utilize optical methods to measure color, precise part dimensions, surface defect inspection, and more. Founded in 1992 and known for custom development and unparalleled technical support, our metrology systems are used in research and production facilities around the world. Through extensive customer input and close collaboration with our customer base, k-Space has developed today’s most powerful metrology tools.



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