If you measure impurities in chemicals used in semiconductor fabrication, or test for contaminants on silicon wafers or final components, Agilent Technologies can deliver the most sensitive, reliable and robust analytical methods to meet your requirements. Agilent analytical instruments offer the highest performance for trace element analysis across the range of samples in the semiconductor industry, including silicon wafers by surface metal extraction (SME), solar PV silicon, high purity process chemicals, ultrapure water, organic solvents and photoresists. In addition, Agilent Technologies provides world-class applications and service support to ensure you maintain the highest levels of productivity.

Components Analysis
Increase Yield with Impurity Analysis That is Sensitive, Reliable and Robust

Contamination Control
Superior Sensitivity and Contamination Control of Trace Level Impurities

Electronics Devices
Fast, Accurate and Compliant Detection of Heavy Metals in Electronic Devices

Environmental Monitoring
Enhanced Environmental Monitoring of Semiconductor Wastewater Streams

Process Chemical Analysis
Ensuring Semiconductor Process Chemical Purity

Silicon Wafer Analysis
Accurate and Efficient Contaminant Analysis in Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

Ultrapure Water Analysis
Accurate, Reliable and Efficient Analysis of Ultrapure Water in Semiconductor Fabrication


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