Securing Innovative Plasma Source Technology through Continuous R&D.
Leap to become the world's leading equipment parts company.
It's the goal of Wintel Corporation, and it's the greatest value.
In 2011, we signed a technical agreement with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in order to overcome technologies such as CVD, ALD, and ETCHER, which are major areas of semiconductor production process, and to overcome technologies that are becoming more ultra-fine and concentrated as localized technologies, and developed technologies for ALD, CVD, ETCHER, and CLEANING, which are core semiconductor equipment using Helicon plasma.

Working with researchers specializing in plasma processes for a long time, we are beginning to gain recognition for our technological prowess from the nation's leading device manufacturers, and the fruits are approaching. Instead of simply replacing overseas technologies, we want to develop technologies that are one step ahead of or have not been in the world before to help our customers gain production competitiveness in the semiconductor market, where competition is intensifying.

In particular, R&D in semiconductor major technology requires endless technological competition as well as endless endurance and patience to survive the technological competition in a sharp world. In the future, we believe that R&D is the key to supporting our company, and we hope to grow into a company centered on R&D through frequent securing of research personnel with various development experiences, improving the development environment, and continuous R&D investment.

LPR (Low-Pressure Removal)
Poly Etcher 
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