Jiangsu Yadian Technology Co., Ltd. is a wet process equipment manufacturer in the semiconductor wafer manufacturing industry. It focuses on wafer front-end wet etching and cleaning technology. It is one of the first domestic companies to promote the localization of semiconductor high-end equipment. Based on independent innovation, the company has formed a business model integrating R&D, design, production and sales to provide efficient wet process solutions for domestic and foreign wafer manufacturers.
      As a high-tech enterprise, the company has technology research and development and application. Its core products include 8-inch and 12-inch trough type/single chip wet etching cleaning equipment. Many technologies have passed patent applications to meet the needs of individualized and diversified customization and provide customers with More competitive products and services.
      Under the guidance of the core values ​​of "customer first, teamwork, mission must be achieved", Adian people are deeply engaged in development, working hard, insisting on innovation, and committed to becoming a leading service provider of integrated circuit wet process solutions in China.


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