Shanghai Sien Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a nationally recognized high-tech enterprise, specializing in manufacturing substrate wet processing systems and related components based on SEMI standards, with international CE certification, and synchronized with the international advanced level. We have American and Chinese patents, and we are proud to manufacture wet cleaning equipment in the Chinese market that is synchronized with foreign high-tech. The equipment produced by SNA includes fully automatic/manual substrate wet processing system, mono/polycrystalline silicon, solar cell wet processing equipment, isopropanol extraction and drying system (IPA patented equipment), chemical liquid supply system, parts cleaning system, etc. Our corporate culture is BEST! (More reasonable price, better service, more outstanding quality, all-round wet treatment plan).
   Shanghai SNA Equipment Technologies Co.,Ltd. is certified by the Shanghai government as an Innovation High-Tech Company, specializing in making SEMI-Standard substrate wet process systems with CE mark, associated sub-systems, and related parts. SNA possesses both US and Chinese advanced wet process patents. Equipments include Automatic/Manual substrates wet process system, Mono/Poly Silicon wet process system, Solar Cell substrates wet process system, IPA Dry system, Chemical Delivery System (CDS), Parts clean system, etc. Our philosophy is the BEST (Better price, Excellent service, Superior quality, Total solution).


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