The company specializes in the design, development and production of high-purity wet processing equipment and high-purity chemical systems, including RCA clean, IPA dry, SPM clean, Metal Etch, Si Etch, Oxide Etch, Polymar clean, Developer, LiftOff, Carrier & Cassette clean , Tube clean, CCSS, LCSS, SDS, filling and conveying, etc. The company's products are widely used in semiconductor, microelectronics, LED, photovoltaic, optical fiber, fine chemical and other industries.
The company has professional, high-quality talents in the industry, with rich experience and actual performance, and a full understanding of specifications and technological processes, so as to continuously improve technical capabilities and product quality. During the implementation of the project, we will always maintain the control of safety, quality, schedule and cost, provide users with high-quality services, and meet the constantly updated needs of users.

Wet treatment equipment
RCA cleaning   /   degumming cleaning   /   KOH alkali corrosion   /   IPA Dryer   /   NMP stripping cleaning machine   /   silicon corrosion equipment   /   lithography cleaning machine   /   dewaxing cleaning machine   /   developing cleaning machine   /   metal corrosion cleaning machine   /   rework sheet cleaning machine   /   acid corrosion cleaning machine
Centralized liquid supply equipment
Tank truck CCB/200L conveying equipment   /   1000L conveying equipment   /   VMB valve box   /   tank conveying equipment   /   distribution circulation equipment   /   rough throwing liquid distributing conveying equipment   /   fine throwing liquid distributing conveying equipment   /   side throwing liquid distributing conveying equipment
Chemical filling equipment
Finished product conveying equipment   /   finished product precision filtration equipment   /   200L barrel filling equipment   /   200L barrel cleaning equipment   / 1000L barrel filling equipment   /   20L barrel cleaning equipment   /   20L barrel filling equipment   /   4L filling equipment   /   truck filling equipment   /   finished products Sampling equipment
Other equipment-customized
Furnace tube cleaning machine   /   bell jar cleaning machine   /   quartz tube cleaning machine   /   cassette cleaning machine   /   light rod cleaning machine   /   ultrasonic cleaning machine   /   silicon material cleaning machine   /   laboratory fume hood


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