By enforcing low particles, ionic and organic control in every step of our cleaning operations, we are able to maintain the purity and contamination-free quality of the processed materials. As part of our cleaning methodologies, we manage a Class 10 clean room, and utilize an oil free compressor to maintain CDA (Clean Dry Air). We provide multi-stage ultrasonic batch cleaning, via 2 high-pressure spray system (vertical & horizontal) supporting multi-dimensional parts.

Some of the customer’s trays would be sob into ultrasonic tank for cleaning. We have capture the photo. Currently under photographer editing, it should be send to you tomorrow.

Cleaning & Packing under Class 10 Clean Room

One-Stop-Solution Center :

Fabricate, Clean and Ship

We currently offer a convenient “One-Stop-Solution” center as requested by our customers from particle-control sensitive industries (HDD, wafer fabrication, automotive and orthopedic manufacturers). They require parts to be sanitized pre-production to reduce product failure rates due to contamination. These precise machine components must maintain their high specifications in cleanliness, i.e., being oil-free and having low contamination particles.


Previously most of these customers will direct their component fabrication suppliers to send their parts to MPC for cleaning before shipping them to local and overseas customers. Later on, they suggested that MPC integrate this fabrication service into our business.


Thus we started our CNC precision fabrication (up to 10 microns), and fully integrate it into our production line, complete with professional cleaning and custom packaging.  Dealing with just one supplier instead of multiple parties makes it easier for our customers.