Accumet is a preferred supplier and advanced processing center for a variety of high-quality ceramic substrates for high-power electronics, RF/microwave, military/defense, aerospace, and other semiconductor applications. To satisfy your quick-turn requirements, we carefully select and stock a large inventory of high-purity, high-performance alumina (aluminum dioxide - AlO2) and aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrate materials from Toshiba, Kyocera, Coorstek, Ceramtec, Corning, and Dynasil. (See table below to download a data sheet PDF.) Our buying power allows us to offer very competitive pricing, flexible stocking plans, and custom processing services to help you optimize your supply chain. We're one of the few ceramic substrates suppliers and laser machining and processing manufacturers who will hold your ceramic substrate inventory until you need it. We guarantee that we can process, package, and deliver your materials on a just-in-time basis.

Accumet's ceramic substrates can be professionally supplied ready to use, as we are experts in all areas of ceramic machining services, including: polishing; dicing; lapping; grinding; marking, and laser cutting and drilling. As experts in the field of ceramic machining we've honed our ability to provide the tightest tolerances on every level, from ultra-thin, ultra-smooth thicknesses and surfaces, to the smallest and closest through-holes and vias. All of our ceramic substrate materials are stocked and supplied from our advanced manufacturing facilities in Westford, MA and Hudson, MA.

When RF designers are weighing material choices and considering circuit design during prototype development, Accumet’s material and process engineering expertise is there to guide them. Whether it be tapping into Accumet’s extensive knowledge of ceramics and other RF materials, circuit design, anticipated yield loss, attainable surface finish, adhesion concerns, or any of the other multiple factors to be considered with regards to circuit manufacturability, Accumet’s engineering staff is ready to help. Upon completion of lasered, lapped, or polished raw substrate orders, customers often ship the substrates back to Accumet after their manufacturing processes are complete for secondary processing. 

We ship worldwide, offer low minimum orders, and we deliver a full range of advanced manufacturing services from hands-on prototyping to full production runs, to ensure you get the most optimally prepared ceramics delivered on time, every time


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