The Axus Technology engineering team provides advanced technical solutions for chemical mechanical planarization process services ranging from advanced CMP process development to standard production CMP foundry services. With a fully equipped Class 100 cleanroom staffed by engineers with decades of semiconductor process experience, Axus is ready to assist you with all your CMP technology needs.

Required process steps almost always include substrate grinding, thinning, edge profiling, edge trimming, then substrate polishing, thin film CMP, post-process cleaning, as well as metrology at every step along the way. Certain applications that call for ultra-thin wafers also require bonding steps. Although these process steps are quite common, not every supplier in the CMP semiconductor industry is able to give you the results you need.

Post CMP Clean is an integral part of chemical mechanical planarization including the removal of CMP materials such as the slurry residues. The polish byproducts from the wafer are essential for further processing.

Axus Technology services consist of a variety of CMP technologies. The wafer bonding process techniques utilized by Axus engineers includes temporary wax-on and tape-on bonding, permanent wafer bonding, and enhanced temporary bonds where follow-on processing requires stronger bonding of the substrates.

CMP, Polishing, Grinding, and Cleaning Equipment Experts
Axus Technology offers new, used, refurbished, and remanufactured process equipment. Our experienced engineering team excels in the design and delivery of specialized process tool upgrades and improvements to enhance the performance of CMP systems including reliability, throughput, and technical process related advancements. The Axus team can help you maximize the productivity of your existing CMP tool, custom-configure legacy process equipment, or engineer, develop, and install our own new, specialty equipment to meet your exact needs. Axus Technology takes pride in providing the type of CMP manufacturing that results in leading-edge surface processing solutions and the smooth, clean wafer surfaces that help bring your products to market faster.