For more than 50 years, we’ve been advancing precision motion control and automation for customers and industries around the world.

Motion & Positioning

Stages & Actuators
Linear, Rotary, Lift & XY

Motion Control Platforms
Software, Controllers, Drivers & Drive Racks

U-channel, Flat, Rotary, Brushed & Brushless


Mechanical-or Air Bearing, Large & Small

Laser Scan Heads
2D, 3D, 5D & Custom

Gimbals & Optical Mounts
Direct- Drive or Gear-Driven

Ultra-Precise, Both Small & Large

Pieze Nanopositioners
Linear, XY(Z), Lift & Focusing

Process-Specific Products
Medical, Photonics & Laser Processing

Custom Engineered Motion Systems 

Integrated Automation Systems
We combine precision application experience, machine design capabilities and process tool acumen to deliver the most advanced automation systems available. Our machine design and panel work capabilities include:
Structural design
Machine frames
Vibration isolation and safety enclosures
I/O and safety

Our application and process tool expertise includes:
Laser processing
Metrology and defect measurement
Precision assembly and dispensing
Laser heads and galvo scanners
Microscopes and metrology sensors
Machine vision
Dispense heads

Our application and system engineering experts have decades of experience automating manufacturing and inspection processes across a wide range of industries, including:
Part handling
Part registration and barcode scanning
Machine vision and coordinate initialization
Automated programmable routines
Customized human-machine and operator interfaces


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