Founded in 1980, Modutek supplies semiconductor manufacturing equipment and solutions in wet process technology to semiconductor fabrication facilities and research labs. The company designs and builds semiconductor wet process equipment in house and can offer help with selecting the best equipment configurations for specific customer requirements. Modutek can propose equipment from its comprehensive line of standard wet bench stations or design custom solutions to fit special needs.

In addition to the manufacture and supply of top-quality semiconductor wet process equipment, Modutek services include the provision of detailed documentation and extensive after-sales support. Drawings can include electrical schematics, plumbing and instrumentation drawings, layouts and installation drawings. Additional information can consist of solid models, flow simulation and spare parts documentation. The company provides extensive customer support during installation and after acceptance at multiple levels.

Modutek is the preferred wet bench manufacturer for many facilities in the semiconductor fabrication industry by providing the following advantages:

As a leading wet bench process equipment manufacturer, Modutek supplies reliable equipment of the highest quality.
The company constantly works with customers to develop systems that better meet their needs and incorporate the latest technology.
With 40 years of experience, the company can provide solutions that satisfy customer requirements.
In house company expertise, design and production means one-stop solutions with no third parties.
In house design and manufacturing, including software design, allows Modutek to provide unparalleled technical support.
Modutek offers a comprehensive line of semiconductor wet process equipment including fully automated, semi-automated and manual stations that can incorporate an IPA vapor dryer, and chemical handling stations.
Because Modutek designs their own stations, the company can provide custom design to meet specific customer requirements.
The advantages Modutek provides as a semiconductor wet bench manufacturer are backed up by the company’s commitment to providing highly reliable equipment and achieving complete customer satisfaction. Modutek’s advantages translate into the following benefits for semiconductor manufacturing facilities:

Higher throughput due to increased efficiency and the utilization of the latest technology
Reduced waste due to lower particle counts and increased cleanliness resulting in fewer defective products
Higher quality output due to high process consistency and repeatability
Lower downtime due to high equipment quality and fast, comprehensive support
Overall improved facility performance and profitability
Contact Modutek today to find cost-effective solutions to your wafer processing, chemical handling and semiconductor manufacturing requirements. Modutek’s engineers and sales team are ready to discuss your new projects, refurbished lines or facility additions. As a leading supplier of semiconductor wet process equipment and wet bench stations, we welcome inquiries and work with customers from start to finish to their complete satisfaction.

Our Semiconductor Wet Process Equipment and Wet Bench Stations are Used in the Following Applications:
BOE (Buffered Oxide Etch)
Chrome Etch
Flat Panel Display
GaAs Etching Process
KOH Etching
LED Process
Metal Etch
Acid Neutralization Systems
Ozone Process, Photo Resist Strip
Ozone Process, Standard Clean
Positive Resist Strip
Precision Cleaning
SC1 & SC2 Clean
Silicon Etch
Silicon Nitride Etch
Solar (texturing, saw damage and chemical polishing)


Advanced Wet Processing Equipment
Rotary Wafer Etching System

Vacuum Metal Etcher

IPA Vapor Dryer

Megasonic Cleaning Equipment

Quartz Tube Cleaning Stations

Wet Benches and Chemical Stations
Manual Stations

Semi Automated Stations

Fully Automated Stations

Stainless Steel Solvent Stations

Dry To Dry Process

Fume Hoods

Silicon Wet Etching Equipment
Quartz Tanks

Sub-Ambient Systems / BOE

Temperature Controlled Circulator

Teflon Tanks

Silicon Nitride Wet Etching Baths

Quick Dump Rinsers

Chemical Wet Processing Table Top Units

Solvent Baths

Chemical Handling Equipment
Acid Fume Scrubbers

Acid Neutralization System

Chemical Delivery Systems

Chemical Carts

Chemical Lift Stations

Chemical Collection
Station Upgrades

Field Service

Equipment Repairs

Custom Fabrication


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