VIMIC cooperates with high-tech industries to provide small tools, die bonding tools, SMT nozzles and solutions. In 2002, we started a R&D center in Tokyo, working on molding technology.Today, Vimic has become one of leaders in the small tool industry.
Small Tools Manufacturer
VIMIC is a professional manufacturer of Small Tools and Dispensing Nozzle with years of experiences.  We mainly provide Dispensing Tools, Stamping Pin, Pick Up Tool, Die Collet, Jet Nozzle, Die Bonding Tools, Epoxy Stamping Tools, Ejection Needle, Micro Tube, Module Ferrule and Metal Tube; all with superior quality.  Our products are widely applied to LED, LCD, IC, Optical and Biomedical Industries.  If you need more information about Micro Molding and Small Precision Tools, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Main Product:
Dispensing Nozzle
Stamping Pin
Pick Up Tool
Jet Nozzle
Small Precision Tools