YizTech Co., Ltd. was established in 1996 at keelung Taiwan. We are a professional micro wave absorber provider since then. We devoted ourselves to research for IC packaging material since 1998. Nowadays YizTech became a world wide professional supplier of epoxy adhesives and specialty materials in many fields. Our products cover the application of semiconductor LCD panel. LED, automobile, printed circuit board, satellite communication, mobile communication.. etc. We still keep on developing various advanced adhesives for our customers.

We treat every customer as a partner, behind each product all had a story of cooperation. The philosophy of R&D work in YizTech is to make customized product to fit the needs of customer. In the same time, every product we provided is more reliable, safer and cost effective. YizTech is a company which can solve customer's problem and grow together with customer.

For the purpose of R&D work and serving our customers. We created three technical laboratories in R&D center-Taoyuan Taiwan. The thermal analysis laboratory heat conductivity analysis laboratory and micro wave spectrum analysis laboratory. We hope to enlarge the R&D capabilities to create more advanced materials in the future.