I-Chiun was established in 1977 as a manufacturer of optoelectronic lead frames, miniature electrical products, small motors and 3C products. In recent years, I-Chiun shifted its manufacturing base to China and invested in production plants in China to serve customers in the area. I-Chiun successively built plants in Shenzhen, Kunshan, and Nanjing and established a responsive and complete service network.

I-Chiun is a global company with over 3,000 employees worldwide that aims to become an advanced world-class 3C manufacturer. Currently, I-Chiun's optoelectronic LED and visible/invisible light lead frames have been ranked number one in terms of global market share. To improve precision and production capacity, I-Chiun has continuously invested in research and development, enhanced its technology and developed new products. As we enter international markets, we work to cultivate top-quality human resources and recruit professional managers to form a team with an international point of view to build a foundation for sustainable development.

Since its establishment, I-Chiun has become the proud owner of over 50 items of intellectual property in the areas of mobile phone vibration motors, 3C key components, and LED optoelectronic lead frames. In this era when technology for wireless communication and electronics is advancing daily, the operation of our business does not allow us to rest on our laurels. I-Chiun upholds the spirit of sustainable development. In the 30 years since our establishment, I-Chiun has continued to advance in the field of high-technology. I-Chiun aims to assimilate the newest technology and challenge the future to create win-win opportunities for our clients and the company.