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Working with our partner Keko Equipment, we offer custom-designed, front-end equipment for the production of all multilayer ceramic devices. We offer LONG Automatic’s leading TCP end-metallization equipment. Schmid Thermal Systems completes the line with belt furnaces and LTCC firing systems. Our customers have come to rely on us for:

Multilayer ceramic capacitors and varistors
Low-temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC)
High-temperature co-fired ceramics (HTCC)
Solid oxide fuel cells
Piezo ceramic sensors and actuators.
Meanwhile, we bring you dielectric and microwave powders through our partner PDC. We also offer water soluble tape casting binder systems and custom printing inks through our partner Polymer Innovations.

We have worked closely with the manufacturers for many years and know this equipment inside and out so our customers can count on the best price, availability and knowledge to get the maximum value out of this top-quality equipment.

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Binders & Pastes for Multilayer Ceramics
Basic Water Based Binder System and Additives
Products    Solids (%)    Typical level
(wt.% in slip)    Comments
WB4101    35%    10 to 30    Water based binder with plasticizer (7%), basic defoamer, wetting agents and other additives. Binder also acts as ceramic dispersant and therefore typically 25-50% of the total binder should be included in the grinding stage.
WB40B-44    30%    10 to 30    Similar to WB4101 with a lower amount of plasticizer (5%) to make stiffer tapes
WB-40B-53    26%    10 to 30    Similar to WB4101 without plasticizer to make stiff tapes
Products    Solids (%)    Typical level
(wt.% in slip)    Comments
WT001    100    .05-.25    Non-silicone mild defoamer also helps wet out surface area of powders.
DF001    100    .05-.25    Modified silicone copolymer especially effective when combined with WT001 but with some powders can cause crater or fish eye defects.
DF002    100    .05-.25    Non-silicone mild defoamer most commonly used.
Products    Solids (%)    Typical level
(wt.% in slip)    Comments
PL001    100    .5-2.5    Neutral pH standard type plasticizer to help flexibility and ability to laminate the tapes. Will cause some increase in viscosity.
PL002    100    .2-1.5    High pH plasticizer, similar to PL001 but more reactive with binder. Also increases binder dispersion power if included in stage 1. Due to high pH can make dried tape more susceptible to water attack.
PL005    100    .2-.6    Very high pH plasticizer, similar to PL002 but even more reactive with binder. Strong reactivity can help manage certain difficult powders. Due to high pH can make dried tape more susceptible to water attack.
Release agents
Products    Solids (%)    Typical level
(wt.% in slip)    Comments
BR008    100    .5-1.5    Added to second stage will help tapes release from steel belt casting surfaces. Should avoid premixing with the binder as it can cause temporary binder precipitation.
BR021    100    .5-1.5    Best belt release system, is typically used on the belt only.
Additives to allow thicker casting
(Useful when casting greater than 50 microns depending on the ceramic)
Products    Solids (%)    Typical level
(wt.% in slip)    Comments
TK004    30    .3-.6    Typically used about .4% TK004 and TK005 together. These additives work to stabilize thick sections of tape during drying to allow thicker casts. They prevent cracking and ceramic settling. They can also stabilize small bubbles which may require more rigorous defoaming or defoaming additives.
TK005    100    .3-.6    See TK004.
Dispersing Agents
Note: Normally the best dispersant for WB4101 is actually WB4101 since it is similar in nature to popular ammonium polyacrylate dispersants. The use of the popular ammonium polyacrylate dispersants will result in much lower tape strength. Below are compatible dispersants for specific applications.

Products    Solids (%)    Typical level
(wt.% in slip)    Comments
DS001    40    .5-2    Strong polymeric dispersant, useful with or without binder in dispersing stage.
DS002    100    .5-1.5    Phosphoric ester salt of polymeric dispersant.
DS005    50    .3-1.5    Strong polymeric dispersant
DS009    65%    .3-1.5    Strong polymeric dispersant especially suited for zirconia if DS005 does not work
Wetting Agents
Products    Solids (%)    Typical level
(wt.% in slip)    Comments
WT001    100    .05-.25    Non-silicone, wets surface of powders. Does not increase siPET wetting. Acts as mild defoamer.
WT005    100    .01-.3    Modified silicone helpful in preventing pinholes, craters and mud cracking.
WT006    50    .1-.5    Water compatible acrylic leveling agent. Helpful in eliminating pinholes and craters.
WT007    100    .01-.15    Modified silicone helpful in preventing pinholes, craters and mud cracking. May increase foam and reduce ability to laminate.
WT012    50    0.05-.5    A modified silicone to increase wetting on silicone treated PET foil.
BR010    100    .05-.3    Modified silicone additive increases wetting to siPET film and powder. Allows for easier release from siPET.
PVB Solvent Based Additives
Products    Solids (%)    Typical level
(wt.% in slip)    Comments
MW1010    100    .5-3.0    Solid resin additive helpful for increasing viscosity stability and ability to tack tape for certain more reactive ceramics - especially containing boron. If ineffective try MW1020.
MW1020    100    .5-3.0    Liquid additive helpful for increasing viscosity stability and ability to tack tape for certain more reactive ceramics - especially containing boron. If ineffective try MW1010.
Products    Comments
VS-series    Available in a variety of drying rates and tack levels. Compatible with printing on most ceramic tapes and fired substrates. Supplied in constant solids high and low viscosity end members. Thinners also included.
VT-series    For production of termination pastes including non-oxygen (BME) firing systems. Modifying additives also available.
Custom Thick Film Pastes
Inner electrode, thick film screen printing, precious metal, cutline, polymer thick film, adhesives, or with customer supplied filler.

Solvent based Tape casting materials




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