SungHan Co., Ltd. is a supplier focusing on semiconductor test probe card parts, components, and consumables, especially the Cobra probe card for semiconductor testing.

SungHan provide of light source equipment for image sensor chip testing, and offers different product test solutions, including 12inch chip testing, 8inch chip testing, and light source equipment for final packaging testing. We continue to develop advanced test technology for the CIS tesing process. We provide customers with the best products and services, include the WLCSP, CMOS Image Sensor, fingerprint, TOF... etc.

Cobra Design & OEM

Wire Probe Card

Light Source Multi Test

Light Source Multi channel, large area

cEFP-Cobra Probe

sEFP-Vertical  Probe

Socket Design

Probe Simulation

Probe Card PCB

Control System PCB

LoadBoard PCB

PCA Mother Board

RFID Shielding Box

Customize Suitcase