Engineering and production company TechsapphireLtd. is engaged in:

growing synthetic sapphire single crystals using the modified Kyropoulos method (GOI method) weighing up to 150 kg and more;
manufacturing of optical elements of various shapes from sapphire single crystals (Al2O3), such as watch glasses, plates, domes, including large hemispheres, prisms, lenses;
production of equipment for growing sapphire crystals and their processing based on our own developments since 1998;
continuous analysis and modification of hardware and software technology for growing single crystals.

Furnaces for growing crystals by Kyropoulos method (GOI) and Stepanov method (EFG)

1. Sapphire crystals →
2. Cylinders→
3. Plates and windows →
4. Tubes and rings→
5. Hemispheres, hyperspheres →
6. Optical details and components →
7. Crucibles for melting →

Our company, in cooperation with foreign partners from Southeast Asia, produces for own needs and for sale various components for heating units of high-temperature furnaces and growth stations for various purposes, as well as other products.
In particular, we take orders and, according to customer`s requirements, we supply the necessary sizes of ceramic lining elements  based on corundum(Al2O3) and zirconium dioxide(ZrO2), for high temperature furnaces.

Ceramics based on zirconium dioxide stabilized with yttrium (Y2O3) can withstand temperatures of more than 2200 °C. It`s resistant to acid and alkaline influence, and also has considerable strength. This ceramic is characterized by a unique ability to increase its mechanical strength under load due to the transformation strengthening mechanism and can work in vacuum,as well as in an oxidizing and a reducing atmospheres.


The scientific and engineering division of our company is engaged in the research and development of new, promising systems for automatic and growth control of sapphire single crystals, which is especially important for ensuring optical symmetry when large crystals are grown.

Crystal processing is carried out on modern equipment. Widely used wire cutting machines.
Products of complex shape are processed on CNC machines.


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