Founded in 2004 with registered capital of RMB 460 million yuan, Shenyang Silicon Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Export Processing Zone (Comprehensive Bonded Zone) in Shenyang, Liaoning Province and covers an area of 40,000m2. It was recognized as a “new & hi-tech enterprise” by the state in 2017.

As a new & hi-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sale of SOI wafers, the company possesses most advanced patent technologies and production lines of SOI materials and is the only SOI materials supplier in China who owns the “Low Temperature Microwave Annealing” thin film transfer technology with self-owned intellectual property right. Its main products cover: 8" thin-film SOI, 8" epitaxial SOI, 6"-8"thick-film SOI, 6"-8" direct bonded silicon wafer, 6"-8" patterned SOI, 8"ultrathin film SOI and 8"epitaxial wafers. Having more than 90 sets of advanced production and testing equipment with a total capacity of more than 200,000 pieces per year, the company has been supplying low-cost but high-quality SOI materials to domestic and foreign manufacturers of integrated circuit and chip OEMs. 

The company has passed the following system certifications: ISO9001:2015, IATF16949:2016, ISO14001:2015, OHSAS18001:2007.

SOI materials can be widely applied in such fields as high-end components, RF sensor, MEMS sensor, computers, MEMS, Gyroscope, silicon microphone, sensors and optical communication etc. Our country has been attaching great importance to the manufacturing of SOI-based chips. With much wider applications of SOI materials in China and more people working in the industrial chain of SOI, SOI materials will surely enter the maturity period gradually in the field of semi-conductor in China, and this will be helpful to the formation of domestic industrial chain and further promote the development of SOI materials.

Shenyang Silicon technology company, with independent intellectual property rights of TM - SOI film transfer technology, using the low temperature microwave hydrogen atmosphere will be injected particle activation, realize the industry's top transfer of silicon wafer bonding + film transfer process, manufacturing high quality, uniform film thickness of SOI wafers.
Film products include thin film SOI (device layer > 100 nm), ultrathin membrane SOI (device layer < 100 nm).

Using the company's own TM - SOI film transfer technology and the combination of epitaxy technology, realize the TM - SOI wafers device layer thickening, manufacturing high quality epitaxial SOI wafers. At the same time, the extension technology can be combined with TM - SOI technology, preparation of 14 nm to 65 nm - nodes use sSOI, Ge advanced materials.

Bonded SOI
On the basis of traditional bonded SOI technology, processing equipment with high precision, better device layer thickness accuracy, so as to improve the uniformity on chip and improve product performance.
Shenyang silicon and customer cooperation processing subject of SOI, provided by the customer of substrate with graphics and for subsequent bonding, top the polishing process, form a complete structure.

Shenyang Silicon technolgy company has established a technical team that masters domestic excellent epitaxial technology, and has established a complete internal system in terms of technical personnel reserve, professional talent training, epitaxial product research and development, process processing, and quality tracking. In addition, all the processes of epitaxial products are under the control of SPC, and the production process is fully controllable. We have the ability to provide customers with comprehensive technical support and complete product services. At the same time, we hope to have in-depth technical cooperation with customers to jointly complete the development and production of new technologies.

When the epitaxial layer thickness is more than 50 um, the silicon-silicon bonded wafer has a better cost advantage. For high voltage devices, such as MOSFET and IGBT is feasible alternative materials. Good TEM and SRP test results ensure the quality of silicon-silicon bonded wafers.
Shenyang silicon technology company can process ultra-flat double-polished wafers of 6-8 inches, which can reach the technological level of TTV≤1um. At present, the thinnest 6-inch silicon wafer can be processed to 300um, and the thinnest 8-inch silicon wafer can be processed to 400um.