EPILEDS Co., Ltd. was established on June 12th, 2006, approved by National Science Council and located at Tainan Science Park. EPILEDS is devoted to the R & D, design, manufacture and sales of blue, green, red, and white light LED wafers and chips.

AlGalnP LED Chips

EPILEDS produces a series of high brightness ALGAInP chips with wavelength ranging from 580 to 860nm, applied on various Applications say, landscape lighting, plant lighting, engineering illumination, CCTV, medical devices, and so on.

InGaN LED Chips

EPILEDS produces a series of InGaN chips with wavelength from 380 to 550nm, applied on various applications such as landscape lighting, plant lighting, engineering illumination, medical cosmetic, and so on.

EPILEDS believes in self-independent R & D by itself. Our sources of core technology mainly come from the research projects and development results from the R & D staff on a long term basis. EPI LEDS also maintains close relation with downstream packaging houses. In recent years, EPILEDS has been ambitiously recruiting R & D personnel. In addition to the technical cooperation with ITRI, EPILEDS also collaborates with research institutes of Taiwanese universities.

The latest main R & D projects is to develop highly optical reflective film technology of high-power chips, FC-LED high reflective ohmic contact layer, AC-LED blue light InGaN LED chips, and to complete the technical development of wafer bonding and laser lift-off. With the rapid growth of LED TV backlight and LED solid state lighting, how to integrate chip, packaging, module and lighting fixture has become a very important task for the R & D department in a chip manufacturer.