Leadframe Alloys
Poongsan is proud to offer patented new copper alloys — PMC 102 and PMC 102M — that contain nickel, silicon and phosphorus. These alloys contain the ideal properties required in semiconductor leadframes — superior electrical and thermal conductivity, high strength and thermal resistance at high temperatures. Poongsan maintains patents for these alloys in the U.S., Japan and the United Kingdom.

In addition, Poongsan supplies other copper alloys such as C194, PMC 90, PMC 90 (multi-gauge), C1100 and C1220. The properties of these versatile materials are ideally suited for use in leadframes, as well as for transistors, power-transistors and heat sink components.

In order to ensure the production of high quality leadframe alloys, Poongsan maintains dedicated production lines equipped with casting furnace, rolling mill, tension leveler, tension annealer and slitting line at its Ulsan plant.


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South Korea