Ultratrend Technologies Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development, manufacture and sales of the ultra-wide band-gap semiconductor single crystalline AlN wafers, silicon/sapphire/SiC-based AlN/AlScN templates, fully automatic AlN PVT sublimation reactors, and related products, and is recognized as a global technology leader in this field. Our core products are key strategy new materials and equipment listed in “Made in China 2025” unveiled by the Chinese State Council and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Single crystalline AlN substrates offer unique materials properties that enable the fabrication of first-in-kind devices with superior performance and lifetimes for UV-LED, high-frequency & high-power electronic devices and other emerging hi-tech applications.


Ultratrend Technologies Co., Ltd uses a series of proprietary and patented technologies and the-state-of-the-art facilities to provide customers with high-quality AlN single crystalline wafers,  silicon/sapphire-based AlN/AlScN templates, AlN PVT sublimation reactors, high temperature annealing equipment. We are a world-leading high-tech company, who own full AlN fabrication capabilities to produce high-quality AlN boules and wafers, and provide professional services and turn-key solutions to our customers and partners, arranged from the growth reactor and hot zone design, modeling and simulation, process design and optimization, crystal growth, wafering and material characterization. As of April 2021, Ultratrend Technologies Co., Ltd. has applied for 40 international and domestic patents.


Bearing our slogan "Innovation for a Better Life" in mind, Ultratrend Technologies Co., Ltd. is committed to be a world's leading and largest supplier of high-quality AlN wafers, AlN/AlScN templates, vapor deposition crystal growing furnace, and other related products for emerging hi-tech industries.


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