United Silicon Innovation Company (USIC) was founded in 2017 and it is devoting to employ integrated manufacturing service for semiconductor silicon wafer related products (IMSi ®). The company offers 8 and 12 inches silicon test wafers through agency and sales service, and these silicon test wafers can be applied for semiconductor processes control and monitor, equipment acceptance, and acts as a substrate for dielectric/metal films deposition and 3D packaging as well. In addition, the company also provides 6 and 8 inches SOI (silicon-on-insulator) wafers through an innovative sharing manufacturing platform, and these SOI wafers can be used for MEMS, power IC, RF IC and photoelectronic devices. USIC has intensive experiences on silicon and SOI wafers industry that can match customers¡¦ expectations and manufacturers¡¦ deliverables to create win-win circumstance.

IMSi B2B commerce platform
Silicon wafer manufacturing and technical support
2nd hand Semiconductor Equipment selling
IMSI B2B Commerce Platform
Integrated Manufacturing Service Silicon (IMSi) is an advanced commerce platform, which is invented by USIC. Not only running as a tool, but a trustworthy partner, the core idea of this concept is to proceed multi-sourcing integration. Via IMSi as a medium platform, customized wafer materials can be achieved based on the collaboration of R&D, design and production from manufactures to end-customers. This novel operation mode (IMSi) enables users to obtain revenue.
Teamwork is the core drive for IMSi B2B commerce platform. At USIC, our professional team with experience and knowledge regarding silicon wafers, ingot and related products are key factors to drive IMSi successfully.



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