Zhejiang Crystal-Optech Co.,Ltd. was founded on August 2, 2002, and subsequently listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange on September 19, 2008 (stock code 002273). In 2019, operating revenue reached 3 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 29.12%, and the net profit was 500 million yuan at year-on-year growth of 6.79%.


Crystal-Optech adheres to strategic deployment of diversified development and strives to become a world class precision optoelectronics technology enterprise. 18 years later, it had developed the largest R&D and manufacturing company covering five industrial sectors namely in optical component, biometrics, thin film optical panels, new displays and reflective materials. There are more than ten wholly-owned subsidiaries with huge investments in in Japan Guangchi Co., Ltd., Zhejiang University venture capital, Ningbo cornerstone investment, Wuhan Wuyi Yuntong, Chaoge digital and other enterprises.

Optical Low Pass Filters (OLPF)), and IR cut Filters (IRCF) and Narrow band  pass filter (NBPF) are among the most commonly used optoelectronics in the world. Many such filters had been applied in leading brands of consumer electronics, automotive electronics, security monitoring, industrial application and service, including 3D deep imaging, optical components, enhanced display (AR) components, semiconductor packaging optical components, micro nano structure processing optical components and etc.. In addition, Zhejiang Yeshili, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Crystal-Optech, has been keeping a leading position in reflective technology in China for many years. Looking forward to the future, a golden opportunity is in front of the global optics industry with the popularization and application of 5G. Crystal-Optech will adhere to the guideline of “globalization, technology-based and open cooperation” and thereby formed the iron triangle operating model of “basic operation, strategic new business and ecological construction”. Meanwhile, it will continually invest heavily in thin film optical components, biometrics, thin film optical panel, AR new display, automotive electronics, semiconductor optics and etc. The world class optical solutions would be proposed to apply in smart phone, smart security, smart homes, smart cars and other sectors, making substantial contributions to the entire 5G architecture and enhancing the entire smart life concept.

Thesmart phone industry is one of the eight major sectors that can integrate with loT hardware to develop smart functions that can enhance quality of lives. Crystal-Optech contributes through supporting such applications in the smart phone (telecommunications), security systems, smart home functions, smart car (automotive) and others to provide high precision high quality optical solutions and products; includingthe high precision requirements in optical components and modules (optoelectronics) for 5G synergies