The Institute of Chemistry of High-Purity Substances of the Russian Academy of Sciences is open to cooperation in research on the preparation and analysis of high-purity substances and the creation of new materials. For interested organizations, the IHVV RAS can produce high-purity substances and materials with a detailed impurity composition:

    The institute accompanies the results of fundamental research with applied development of methods and technologies for obtaining high-purity substances, materials based on them and products from these materials, as well as the production of pilot batches of these products for domestic and foreign consumers. The Institute participates in the implementation of economic agreements and contracts with Russian and foreign companies, supplying quartz and chalcogenide optical fibers, zinc selenide optical elements, and some high-purity raw materials.

    Due to the specifics of scientific problems and the scientific directions assigned to the institute, the institute has operating pilot technologies for a number of important high-purity materials: fiber light guides made of quartz glass with a high level of doping with oxides of germanium, phosphorus, rare earth elements; optical elements based on polycrystalline zinc chalcogenides for power IR optics; high-purity volatile hydrides and chlorides for semiconductor technology and fiber optics; MOCVD technology of single-crystal films of CdHgTe solid solutions (CMT) for photodetectors. The Institute has a number of developments with a high degree of readiness for practical implementation through innovative projects.

    The scientific results obtained by the IHMS RAS are brought to implementation in the institute itself. High-tech products obtained in the form of pilot batches include:

High-purity single crystals of monoisotopic varieties of silicon

High Purity Volatile Halides for Fiber Optics

High-purity volatile inorganic hydrides for micro- and optoelectronics

High-purity substances and materials (selenium, selenium oxide, arsenic monosulfide, sulfur);

Optical elements made of high-purity zinc selenide (CVD-ZnSe) and zinc sulfide (CVD-ZnS);

Fiber light guides based on high-purity quartz glass

High-purity chalcogenide glass systems with improved performance

Fiber light guides made of high-purity chalcogenide glasses with low optical losses in the IR range

High-purity tellurite glasses of TeO2-WO3-La2O3(Bi2O3) systems with improved characteristics

High-purity epitaxial layers of Cd-Hg-Te solid solutions for the manufacture of IR photodiode bars and matrices.

Transparent ceramic of aluminum-magnesium spinel

Active media for mid-IR lasers