ARCADIA was founded in early 2003 as an engineering value-add company. Created from our founder's vision of a hi-tech engineering company, ARCADIA focused on wet chemical etch equipment spares and engineering solutions and was one of the first "alternative source" suppliers in the semiconductor marketplace during those early years in Singapore, Malaysia, and even the entire Asia region. As the company grew, we developed into a SEZ equipment turnkey service provider in 2005 and reached out to the international market. In early 2011, ARCADIA went through an ownership and management reorganization and began a process to streamline our business structure and our product portfolios to create a clear brand identity and value proposition based on our core competencies.

Today, ARCADIA is an industry leader in SEZ equipment solutions with a customer base spanning throughout semiconductor region of S.E. Asia, China, Korea, Japan, Europe, and North America. We also offer an unique portfolio of high purity systems to complement our SEZ business and form a synergy of technological applications for semiconductor wafer fabs and hi-tech factories. Furthermore, to support our home region of Singapore and Malaysia, ARCADIA offers a broad range of value-added services to ensure our home customers' and our mutual long term success. ARCADIA is proud of our heritage and the exciting opportunity to serve and work with a growing list of world's most prominent semiconductor device makers.


ARCADIA provides refurbished SEZ equipment and its production upkeep solutions for wafer fab customers. For newer equipment models, we provide good value, no risk, long term support as the "First Alternative" solution for customers. For mature equipment model platforms, ARCADIA strives to be the Go-To service provider to meet all of our customer's need for continuous production.

Overview of our service:

  • Refurbished Equipment

  • Equipment Installation, Startup & Qualification

  • Equipment Relocation & Modification Retrofit

  • Comprehensive Spare Parts & Inventory Stocking

  • Support Service for Production Maintenance

  • Process Application Support & Development

  • Improvement Upgrade

  • Upgrade & Replacement for Obsolete Components / Sub-Systems

ARCADIA provides the following high purity wet chemical products for wafer fab & related industries:

​Chemical Delivery / Preparation System

  • Wafer Fab Wet Chemical Processing Equipment (by Toho Kasei Japan)

  • Chemical and Temperature Analyzer System (by CI Semi)

  • Enhanced Functional Water System - replacing traditional process chemicals

  • Chemical Waste Treatment System



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