Registered in HongKong in 2014, Capcon Limited is an equipment manufacturer aiming to provide high end products and innovative solutions to the advanced semiconductor assembly and packaging industry. Our current global services are at Singapore, Taiwan, Philipine, Beijing.

Driven by the strong market demand on advanced assembly and packaging process, Capcon provides unique solutions with state of art technologies by our excellent team . Our product line is well reputed among ASE,SPIL,TSMC,AMD,TFME,JCET,DeeTee,etc. Process covers FOWLP(Face Up/Down),POP,MCM,EMCP,Stack Die,SiP,2.5D/3D,FCCSP,FCBGA,etc.

Positioned on the advanced assembly & packaging of semiconductor backend market, Capcon provides innovative solutions like Flip-Chip Bonder, Chip-on-Wafer Bonder, Package-on-Package Bonder, Stack Die Bonder, Pannel-Level Die Bonder, Multi-Chip Die Bonder, etc.

Innovative patented technologies allows our major products to have high-precision, high-speed, high-relaibility, ensuring high prductivity. The flexible configuration of our products is born for process diversity and user customization. Customers can be sure that their investment is safe with not only our strong technical products but also our personalized customer care and immediate support.


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