MAT is a Die Attach and Dispensing equipment manufacturer specializing in providing machines and turn-key solutions for most advanced die attach and dispensing applicationsShould your application be Eutectic or Adhesive based, Flip Chip or Face Up, MCM, Die Stacking, MEMS, Imaging Device or other, our machines will handle it with high accuracy and yield.

MicroAssembly Technologies, Ltd. (MAT), founded in January 2000, specializes in providing proven solutions to the die attach industry.MAT is a dynamic team of engineers and applications specialists with many years of experience in the field of equipment for die attach. Our specific strengths are with complex, high value applications such as Multi Chip Modules, Imaging devices, Sensors, MEMS devices, Flip Chip. Our machines perform Adhesive based and/or Eutectic processes.Our main products are the High Accuracy Model 6400 Die Attach System, Model 6410 Automatic Dispensing System and Model 6200 Table-Top Automatic Die Attach System. We still support the previous Model 6495/6/7 Semi-Automatic and Model 6900/6920 High Volume Production Systems.Since its formation MAT has been very active in the worldwide die attach market. Our goal is to provide superior solutions to our customers by developing new machine features and capabilities to meet the changing needs of the die attach processes.MAT ensures a high level of customer satisfaction through:· Presale application feasibility testing.· Development of process solutions based on existing or new accessories.· Process development in collaboration with our customers.Our die attach machines are being used by most of the major companies in the field. The world wide installed base includes hundreds of machines on three continents.The world wide sales and service organization is based on regional master distributors that provide sales, service, spare parts and process support directly or through local representatives.Additional services provided by MAT are:· Die Attach systems time rental at MAT.· Strategic process and product development collaborations with our customers.· Consulting in the field of Die Attach.Our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified.Highlights of our quality management policy are the following:· Full compliance with the laws, standards and instructions relevant to the safety of the products and services provided to our customers.· Full compliance with the requirements of our customers in order to ensure customer satisfaction.· Continues control of the quality of the products and services provided by the company.· Ensure all necessary resources for the management and control of the quality management system.


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