We are world-class designers & manufacturers of solder reflow & support equipment
We serve the global electronics marketplace as key suppliers to some of the world’s most demanding applications.

Our unique and patented thermal technologies, featuring conductive heating methodologies, offer benefits to customers which include lower costs, faster processing, and tighter temperature control.

We offer a full line of solder reflow and epoxy curing systems and support equipment, and have the ability to customize our equipment to meet your unique needs.  Contact us today to discuss your reflow requirements.

Initially a General Partnership between Sig and Kail Wathne, Sikama was established to design, develop, manufacture and market a line of quality reflow soldering/curing systems utilizing high efficiency conduction technology for the hybrid microelectronics industry. In January 1991, the Partnership was converted to a Corporation doing business in the state of California. Sikama is a privately held corporation.

Since start up, Sikama has exhibited continuous and steady growth. Sikama’s progressive expansion has been a direct result of the company’s pioneering technology efforts. From the initial product, the Falcon 5, additional conductive reflow soldering systems have been developed and deployed across the world.

The ongoing research and development in thermal technology has resulted in Sikama’s exclusive “Patented Heating Technology.” This technology was used in the development of the Ultra Profile 2000 and Ultra Profile 4000 reflow ovens. These machines have broad areas of application, and were specifically designed for “Ball Grid Array” substrates.

The evolution of Sikama’s product lineup led to the introduction of our own wafer flux coating system. The Falcon ICS412 was developed as an in-line belt flux coater/wafer washer capable of processing 100mm to 300mm wafers. The design offers a simple, robust, truly in-line system with the capacity to dispense up to 4 fluids.

As wafer bumping technology has matured, Sikama’s equipment has similarly evolved to meet the demands of the technology. Sikama’s UP1200 is a state-of-the-art, 300mm-capable reflow oven and is an ideal platform for global semiconductor packaging applications.

Today, our product roadmap directly reflects the needs of our long-term customers and of the industry at-large. Our engineering team is designing and implementing equipment solutions for larger substrates, for smaller geometries, and for unique customer-specific requirements.

Through past performance and nearly 40 years in the industry, Sikama International, Inc. has gained a reputation for quality products delivered on time with outstanding customer service.

Sikama designs, develops, manufactures and markets reflow solder ovens/curing systems and wafer flux coaters/washers. Our furnaces feature a patented conduction+convection heating and cooling technology. They are designed for efficient use of power and gas, fast throughput, small footprint, and consistent repeatable profiles, enabling high volume production. Applications include wafer-bump reflow, die attach, BA, fluxless gold/tin, and epoxy curing.



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