Chain We Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. It had invested 13.5 million USD to build a new factory in the Erlin industry Park Changhua County. Chain We Machinery has developed automated transport equipment for unmanned test tube inspection centers and vacuum layers for high-efficiency thin-film solar panels. Compression modules detect transport equipment, logistics centers, automated warehouse automated transport equipment and others. Chain We Machinery has provided customized design and services to fulfill the needs of various industries for industrial intelligence and automation equipment.
The unmanned test tube inspection center module equipments of Chain We Machinery provides the medical inspection center for test tube reception, pre-processing, classification, inspection, storage, re-inspection, destruction and other operations. The inspection results are feedback with electronic information, combined with medical system identification and testing. The software can quickly and automatically perform a large number of test processing, which can be widely used in blood tests, drug and poison tests, genetic diagnostic tests, etc.
Chain We can make EFEM machine by ODM/OEM, and at this stage, we are doing the part of OEM semiconductor cleaning machine for Taiwan AOI equipment factory and Japanese equipment factory.
Chain We Machinery has cooperated with Japanese companies to produce high-efficiency thin-film solar panel vacuum lamination modules equipment, which provide automatic vacuum lamination and inspection functions. The stability of the modules has high performance, which is conducive to downstream manufacturers to produce the latest large-scale thin-film solar panels.
In addition, as each industry responds to the advent of the Industry 4.0, Continuous transformation of products and intelligent automated production lines continue to be built. The standardized modules produced by Chain We Machinery can reduce design errors, shorter delivery time, and reduce costs. Chain We Machinery products are widely used in food, automobile, panel, medical, logistics, and material handling industries. With the characteristics of diversification, rapid adjustment and adaptation, we can effectively assist customers to build production and storage automated handling equipment in a short period of time, and quickly produces related items.


Chain We Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, and its factory was located at Taiping City of Taichung County in Taiwan. We have started utilizing the automatic conveying facilities as our goal since the company was founded. Our subcontract industries include from foodstuff, chemistry, papermaking, automobile, hardware and electronics.., and so on.

We always provide our clients the best solution with automatic conveying equipment by means of professional and responsible attitude to meet the clients’ various requirements and continuously get their approval. In 1997, our old factory was not enough to be utilized and we decided to build a new factory in order to welcome much more business demands; then, we have moved into the new factory in 1998, which has been operating until now. 


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