LCD/OLED Equipment
LC Dispenser
The Equipment for dispensing amounts of liquid
crystal to form a layer
of liquid crystal on a glass substrate as a core of
ODF(One Drop Filling) process.
Fine amount dispensing and measurement technology
Automated functions for mass production
Seal Dispenser
The Equipment for dispensing amounts of sealant
in a specified pattern on any of two substrates to
assemble the TFT array substrate and the color
filter array substrate.
Fine amount spreading technique
High precision location control for large area
Automated functions for mass production
GCS (Glass Cutting System)
The machine for cutting a single glass
substrate or assembled glass
substrates into several discrete glass
substrates, single or assembled
by rotating a cutting wheel along marks
on the glass substrate.
Optimized cutting of big-sized panels by innovative cutting method
Constant quality by high precision scribing heads and wheels
Compatible with in line type processing for manufacture of big-sized panels
High speed cutting and processing by multi scribing head units
Array Tester
The Tester for electrical functionality of the TFT panel
to secure the reliability of end product and improve
its quality.
Compatible with 8-generation glass size of 2250 x 2250
High speed inspection by vibration control
Glass feeding type
High precision location control
Direct Bonding System
The equipment to spread OCR(optical clear
resin) on the surface of
LCD. It seal the LCD and cover glass as well.
High precision spread and spreading control
High precision sealing and thickness control
Pressure and heat control
Technique for automated supply and information
Automated functions for mass production
Dam & Fill Dispenser
The encapsulation process is necessary to ensure the
specified life cycle of the OLED elements. Dam & fill
dispensers are used in the process to inject and spray
constant amounts of dam & fill materials.
Dam Dispenser

constant spread for wider ranges
High precision location control for large areas
Automated functions for mass production

Fill Dispenser

High viscosity loading
Fine amount dispensing
Automated functions for mass production
Micro LED Non-Contact
EL Inspection
This Technology and Equipment with a non-contact
method conducts high speed inspection of
micro/mini LED Chips in a COW(Chip on Wafer)
status to acquire map data crucial for the
Micro/Mini LED Display production process.
Non-contact Inspection Technology
Technology for ultra-high speed inspection in areas
Technology for filtering wavelengths

Secondary Battery Equipment
(Automatic feedef, Folding)

Roll-to-roll type assembly process equipment in automobile/ESS battery manufacturing technology
Application of unmanned material supply system

Total solution for battery pack assembly
(Battery Module, Pack Assembly Line)

Battery Moudle, Pack assembly process equipment in EV (AutoMobile,Bike) Battery manufacturing technology

Camera Module Equipment
Auto Focus Tester
The tester inspects foreign objects and
bonding work to fix the lens after lens focusing.
Test Categories : DC Test, Camera Module Auto Focusing,
Image Test (Inspection of Foreign Objects),
Lens Bonding & UV Curing
Final Inspection Equipment
It simultaneously tests inspection of functionality,
resolution and images for each unit in 1 to 4 areas.
Test Categories
1~2 port : DC Test, RGB Calibration, Image Test Chart
Resolution Test (Standard, Macro)
4port : DC Test, Image Test, Chart Resolution Test
(Standard, Macro)
Housing Attach Equipment
The equipment spreads epoxy on the PCB and
bond Camera housing through high precision
bonding technique. It also hardens them
with heat after Camera Housing Bonding.
High UPH
High inspection quality
Easy model change
Customizing support
OIS Calibration Shaker
It is a device applying specific vibration to OIS camera
modules to adjust the movement of gyro sensors
and actuator. It identifies the adequacy of OIS
functions as well.
Functions: Standard Chart Test, OIS Calibration,
Moving Chart

Mobile Display Test Board
It is an essential test board to outputs MIPI DIS signals
(Mobile Display Standard) and operates Mobile
Display Module.
FPGA Type Test Board
Bridge IC Type Test Board
Reliability Test Board
Mobile Display Tester
The equipments for testing quality of mobile
display module.
In-Cell Touch Test
MIPI Display Test
Optical Image Test
Parametric Test Equipment
It supports parallel tests up to 4 . As a result, it more
quickly verifies the electrical properties of the wafers.
World class wafer property testing
The equipment consists of 4 sub-frames.
Each sub-frame operates independently
SMUs available for installation up to 32
Guarded switching matrix measurement pins supported
(48 to 104 pins)
Available for use in combination of various external
measuring devices
Parameter Analyzer
It tests electrical properties of the semiconductor
elements and analyze the properties of the world class
fA semiconductor elements.
Measuring performance available for the properties of the world
class fA semiconductor elements
Easy and simple PC based on user function
A variety of selections depending on performance or price

Roll to Roll Equipment
Display & Consumer Electronic
Film Converting
It is a display and consumer electronic film production
equipment. For example flexible printed circuit board,
flexible copper clad laminated film and copper clad
laminated coating.
Various optical grade including BLU, polarizer, release films
FPCB, FCCL, CCL coatings
High performance protective films for TSP & display processing
Energy Film Converting
It is an energy-related film production equipment.
For example solar cell, solar cell film, secondary
battery electrodes coating and separator production.
PV : CIGS solar cell, DSSC(Dye-sensitized solar cell), Thin-film
solar reflection film
OPV(Organic Photo Voltaic Cell)), Perovskite Solar Cell Film
Secondary batteries : Fuel cell & Lithium-ion battery electrodes
coating & separator
Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Medical Film Converting
It is a medical-related film production equipment.
For example pharmaceutical of oral film and
medicated patch production.
ODF(Oral Dispersed Film) Manufacture Machine
Cataplasma Manufacture Machine
Micro Needle Manufacture Machine
Medical grade film converting solutions
High Performance Tape
Converting Machines
It is a high performance tape manufacturing
equipment for electronics production. For example
electrical conductive tape and electromagnetic
interference shielding tape production.
High performance tapes for electronics manufacturing
Electrically conductive, EMI shielding tape converting
Others : masking tape, casting tape, acrylic foam tape
Others Specialties
We provide solutions for manufacturing of other
specialties. For example textiles including non-woven
type converting with UV-cure system.
Textiles including non-woven type converting with UV-cure
Various label & media converting on paper & films
Full Line Coating Solution
We provide solutions for full line coating.
Display & Consumer Electronic
2nd Battery & Fuel Cell
Precision Coating Station
We provide station for precision coating.
Micro Chamber Doctor
Slot Die
Slot Die Nozzle
Lab Coater Solution
We provide laboratory automatic application coating
solutions for research and development.
Auto Applicator(Blade, Motor Type)
Auto Applicator(Blade, Manual Type_
Lab Coater Solution
We provide laboratory UV coating solutions for
research and development.
Lab UV Coater(Non-Solvent/Solvent)
Slot Die Table Coater


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