The initial goal was to provide peripheral heating solutions and related products to global semiconductor equipment manufacturers and semiconductor integrated circuit component manufacturers. For example, FH series flexible heaters are currently introduced to ensure stable delivery of liquid sources and prevent blockage of process pipes, increase product throughput, and reduce equipment maintenance.


In the future, we will continue to develop new products such as heating (temperature, flow, pressure) control in the semiconductor and medical fields. At the same time, combined with other company products, to provide customers with more effective and comprehensive, and higher value-added solutions.


FH Series Flexible Heater use Silicone Foam, Fiber Glass, or Super Insulation for effective semiconductor pumping line heating. FabDoctor FH Series flexible heater jackets are designed to ensure effective heating of stainless steel pumping lines that are widely used in semiconductor industries. The purpose of heating pumping line is to minimize the by‐product condensation along the pumping line.


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