Efficient Green Technology is aimed to conserve energy, increase energy efficiency and enable energy recycle, which consequently results in pollution reduction and ecosystem improvement. Efficient Green technology is closely connected to modern technology, the direction of green and contamination free is inevitable. For any who involve technology development, it is our responsibility to develop
sustainable, high efficient and intelligent technology to benef it the protection of our environment.


Chyi Lee is positioned as supplier of Efficient Green Technology products. Based on years of experience of energy saving in HVAC and Cleanroom application, we adopt the intelligent control system, in addition to the high efficiency of motor and fan design, to develop a series of products including cleanroom AC/DC FFU, IDC Climate Unit, DC FCU and thermal storage. The integrated technology not only enhances the existing product value but also creates the new value of energy conservation. The intelligent technology elaborates the “quality" of product and is in capable of im proving the environment with sustainable development.