Nomura Micro Science Group has provided systems which produce "Ultrapure Water" which is indispensable for manufacturing semiconductors, flat panel displays which have become essential for supporting enriched life now, and pharmaceutical products which support people's health.
We have pursued research and development of water treatment technology and system engineering by aiming for high-purity H2O with no compromise for over half a century since our founding in 1969, with making it top priority to listen to customers' opinions and responding to their needs.

Pure Water and Ultrapure Water System

Waste Water Treatment System

Water reclamation system

Pretreatment system with membrane, FINESEP® NFS Series

Heat regenerative type membrane filtration equipment HEATMASTER® HM Series

Coagulating sedimentation equipment NCK Series

Flocculation filtration equipment NFF Series

Gravity filtration equipment NGF Series

Pressure filtration equipment NPF Series

Electrodeionization (EDI)

Ion Exchange Systems

High efficiency RO system, HERO®

High efficiency vacuum degasifier (HE-VDG)

Membrane Degasifier



Ozone water production system, NOMUREXON®O3

Hydrogen water production system, NOMUREXON®H2

Anti-static equipment for ultrapure water, Super Bubbler WAC

Return contamination monitor RC Monitor

H2O2Monitor for Ultrapure Water NOXiEMON®

Nuclepore membrane

Filter cartridge


Piping and Environmental Materials

On-site Supply of Pure Water

Fiduciary Obligation