Pursuing productivity improvement for a wide range of customers as a leading company of small industrial robots

Higher functionality and lower cost. Contribute to your equipment and facilities.

IAI is a leader in the industry as a specialized manufacturer of small industrial robots.
In the mechanical and electrical design that determines the productivity of robots, and the software that determines ease of use, we are constantly introducing innovative new technologies to create breakthrough products.
In addition, due to the extensive support system at many sales bases, it is high in various manufacturing sites such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc., including the electronic parts / precision equipment, home appliances, liquid crystal / semiconductor industry, mainly in the automobile industry where automation is advancing. We are proud of our adoption record.

Product lineup

There are a wide variety of specifications required for actuators. Various specifications are required depending on the customer's application and usage environment, such as stroke, rigidity, size, speed, payload, and accuracy.
To meet these needs, IAI offers a rich product lineup and a wide variety of variations.
We provide the optimum actuators that can meet the individual needs of our customers in detail.A