Taisei Giken`s particle traps remove particulate by-products from the exhaust effluents generated by semi-conductor TFT LCD manufacturing processes, ion implantation, etching, CVD, etc.
Taisei Traps can completely shut out fine sub-micron particulate with the coil swirling Element and the high functional magnet Element. These devices cause almost no pressure loss at the Element and can be installed at either the fore line or the exhaust line of the vacuum pump.

 What is the TRAPPACK?

The TRAPPACK utilizes electrostatic adsorption type Elements (TRAPPACK Element), swirling adsorption type Elements (Coil Element), or the combination type which uses both electrostatic and swirling adsorption (Combination Element). The electrostatic and swirling Elements are effective in different situations against different powders. The Combination Type Element is capable of handling both situations and is able to completely shut out all fine sub-micron powder.

 System Construction (Vacuum Pump Fore Line)

    Maintains clean exhaust piping            Reduces valve maintenance frequency
    Reduces problems with the vacuum pump             Raises productivity
    Reduces maintenance frequency on fore line               


 System Construction (Exhaust line of vacuum pump)

    Maintains clean exhaust line            Reduces V/P problems
    Mitigates exhausted gas scrubber load             Raises productivity
    Reduces maintenance frequency on exhaust line               




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