It is continuously growing the semiconductor device market that will be ensured human caring such as environment awareness, energy saving and sensor

Shibasoku semiconductor test system has also been progressing by high accuracy and quality test solutions, suitable for many kinds of semiconductor devices:- discrete to power device, versatile analog devices etc.

New Products
Power device test system
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Power mixed test system
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Products line-up
Analog IC test system
WL25V  WL15  SCV66    Analog IC test system

Multi-test system
WL15VW      Wafer multi-site test system
WL25MV      High voltage/high-current inspection system for power device
SCV66MX     Compact multi test system

Mixed signal LSI test system
WL27/WL27H/WL27Prime       Mixed signal LSI test system

Discrete test system
SETS-200       DC testing
SETS-400       DC testing
ILT-1000        ILT1000
TRT-1000      Thermal resistance test

Audio/Video/Comunication & Broadcast Products
Our Test Measuring Instruments (TMI) business division was integrated with our group company ASACA Corporation.
We will combine the fields of expertise of both companies and create synergistic effects and we will continue to respond to your expectations by sending out excellent competing new products to the world more than ever.
ASACA will do sales and after-sales service for "ShibaSoku" brand TMI equipments, so thank you for further support.

Test measuring instruments department has been reborn as a "New business" department that responds to small lot production and prototype development by "history" and "quality" accumulated over 60 years.

New Business
Based on the key technologies cultivated through over 60 years experience, we provide an expand development and manufacturing consignment business that responds to customer's request:- small lot to large quantity (or less frequent to frequent) production by EMS.

Provide detailed design & support within company
Executing 4 categories below within company, Products that are fully complied with customer needs will be ensured.
Electrical design
Electrical design

Radio frequency circuit
FPGA design
Analog circuit

Printed circuit board design
Printed circuit board design

Radio frequency circuit


Embedded program
Windows program
C, C ++, C #, JAVA

Mechanical design
Mechanical design

Motor control

With "history" and "quality" accumulated over 60 years, we support small lot production and prototype development.
Robot Measurement
Robot Measurement

Automatic measurement robot for radio frequency module for digital broadcasting. Power supply / control line connection by POGO pin and high frequency measurement. Automatic data measurement by Windows program. Features such as marking on non-defective modules.

Modular design for Rad-Hard
Modular design for Rad-Hard

Electronic circuit design using radiation resistant device for artificial satellite. Design of low cost board using consumer parts. Vibration resistant enclosure design considering rocket mounting. Digital filter with Rad-Hard compatible FPGA and so on.

Microcomputer electronic circuit board design and manufacture
Microcomputer electronic circuit board design and manufacture

We will design and manufacture electronic circuits using microcomputers. Functions such as signal processing and mechanical control according to your request.

Electronic circuits board for medical chair         
Electronic circuits board for medical chair

Electronic circuits board that controls medical chair used at hospital and controls peripheral equipment.

Appearance inspection equipment
ShibaSoku develops and sells various image inspection equipment combining mechanics and electronics to meet various inspection and measurement demand.
Appearance inspection equipment

Development examples of New business department / Space related communication module for small satellite
Related technology
Radio frequency technology, digital modulation / demodulation technology, frequency Doppler tracking, thermal design, radiation resistant FPGA design and so on.

Installed in a small satellite and transmits telemetry to the ground using radio waves in the S band, it is received commands from the ground and transmitted data to the ground using radio waves in the X band.

An example of a small satellite

IRDA (Ibaraki R&D Association)
IRDA continues to contribute to improving its technical capabilities and local industry development through interaction with research institutes and universities such as Tsukuba and Tokai and by mutual friendship among members. ShibaSoku is a member of IRDA.


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