Designed for realizing the wet thermal oxidation of III-V compound semiconductors

Real time in-situ optical monitoring
Full control and supervision of machine with two screen and a computer software

Automatic oxidation diameter control
Automatic monitoring software to stop mesa oxidation at targeted operture

Oxide aperture uniformity
σ < 0.45 µm on 6” wafer *
Selective oxidation and reproducibility of the process

Run-to-run deviation
σ < 0.05 μm *
Accurate electrical and optical confinement

Alox Specifications
● Up to 6” wafers : edge exclusion 5 mm
● Selective oxidation process
● Oxide aperture uniformity σ < 0.45 µm on 6” wafer *
● Tight flow control of moisturized gas : 0,6 to 30 g/h
● Vacuum atmosphere : <10 to 800 mbar absolute
● Stabilized temperature 350°C to 600°C
● Full control / supervision of machine
● Programming of recipes
● Automatic monitoring software to stop mesa oxidation attargeted operture (optional)
● Run-to-run deviation σ < 0.05 μm *

* For common results, depending on wafer

Views of oxidation process over time

Alox furnace is destined to R&D and manufacturing of semiconductor devices in the fields of Photonics :

The vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser, or VCSEL is a type of semiconductor laser diode. VCSEL applications include fiber optic communications, precision sensing, computer mice and laser printers.

Laser Diodes
A laser diode is a semiconductor device. Wide range of uses that include fiber optic communications, barcode readers, laser pointers, laser printing, laser scanning and light beam illumination.

A waveguide is an optical structure that directs the electromagnetic waves of an optical spectrum. Widely used in : optical fiber communication, photonic integrated circuits, and optical interferometers.


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