Levitor RTP
The Levitor is a single-wafer Rapid Thermal Processing- system is based on the unique concept of conduction rather than the conventional method of radiation heating. This technology is used to rapidly heat and cool-down wafers. 

Conductive Heating

A thin gas layer enables ultra-fast heating or cooling, while the gas divider self-centers the wafer at the desired process temperature. The Levitor uses a massive gas divider, which is heated to the selected process temperature in close proximity to the wafer.  The result is very precise heat transfer that is emissivity- and layer independent.


The Levitor 4×00 RTP system for 200mm- and 300mm semiconductor wafer manufacturing, has been updated with a new process-portfolio. The Levitor RTP-system has reproducible and reliable operation at temperatures ranging from 100°C up to 1,200°C. Our new process flexibility comes in combination with the Levitor RTP systems proven unparalleled uniformity, mass-production throughput and repeatability.

Levitrack ALD
The Levitrack Atomic Layer Deposition-system (ALD) is designed to deposit layers of atomic thicknesses at mass-production volume. This process provides passivation and intermediate layers which increases the efficiency of solar cells. The intermediate layers are multi stack layers. the multi stack is applied in the tandem cell of a standard cell with a perovskite cell on top. In Levitrack systems, wafer-substrates are introduced into a process-chamber while floating on a very thin gas layer, enabling conductive heating. After achieving process temperature, the substrates levitate without contact or force through a series of ALD deposition cells. The wafer is then rapidly cooled using conductive cooling.

Recent developments on the Levitrack system enabled multi-layer ALD in continuous mass-production of tandem solar cells.



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