Stratis is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactors for semiconductor industry. We have many years of expertise in the CVD equipment development and manufacturing of reactors and have developed a new thick epitaxial CVD reactor.

Hot Wall Silicon Epitaxy system patented technology
Heaters, chamber, injector process gas inserts, and susceptor are all silicon carbide coated graphite
Susceptor is heated uniformly by dividing heaters into precision controlled zones system is water cooled and runs very quiet
Through recipe and mfc control adjustments both thickness and resistivity profiles can be tuned independently to one another.
Pid ramping and control of five zones (front/rear, left/right, center) allows easy accurate slip tuning.
Temperature is measured by five thermocouples
Software is easily operated
Remote access to the reactor data
Ability to data log any i/o or function on the system
Touch screen/keyboard control



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