XUDIAN Technology is a consolidated integrity of R&D, manufacturing, sales, aftermarket service, expertizing in manufacturing advanced Graphical Transfer Exposure Equipment. Company focuses on the high resolution and high bitwise precision image. At present, our on-sale products are widely applied in PCB, FPC, FPD, LCD, TP, IC loading plate Yellow Light Graphical Transfer Process etc. Our current main equipment is Highly Automatic Exposure Equipment.


The company has its own intellectual property and core technologies in optical industry. Based on several year experiences in optical industry, utilizing the advantages in design, manufacturing, software, we launched a series of advanced exposure equipment through continuous improvement, custom-made design and production for different size and resolution products. On the platform of automatic image identification and bitwise precision, we can start self-development and provide custom-made design according to different bitwise precision grades, offer multiple choices to our customers.


Since the company established in 2005, it takes “Strategy First, Operation Excellence, Management Excellence” business promotion philosophy, becomes the equipment supplier of PCB, FPC Graphical Transfer Exposure Process step by step, and engages in the R&D of IC, FPD photoetching etc. high precise fields.


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