A scientific and technological innovation company specializing in consumables and entrusted processing of semiconductors, MEMS, biochips, etc.

The company provides various micro-fabrication services and process design consultation, and provides a variety of individual processing or comprehensive device development services for major scientific research institutes. The company has a long-term entrusted processing cooperation relationship with many domestic research units and companies, with complete equipment and timely service, which is suitable for various processing needs.

Mainly engaged in the sales of microfabrication equipment in the field of semiconductor and MEMS. The company's current main products are advanced semiconductor process equipment such as wafer bonding equipment, wafer glue spraying equipment, basic process equipment and testing equipment.

The company's main business is for domestic scientific research institutes and universities, as well as small and medium-sized technologically innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, helping customers to achieve the fastest and best quality of scientific research and production consumables. The company's current products include various types of entrusted processing, equipment, silicon wafers, special substrates, photoresists, high-purity reagents, ultra-clean consumables, high-quality supply, fast response speed, and abundant domestic and foreign supply.


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