Daesung Metal is one of the three qualified gold producers designated after the Korea Exchange's review and the Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation's quality certification in the KRX gold market.

In the KRX gold market, only qualified gold producers (qualified producers) designated by the exchange can trade gold produced in Korea.

Daesung Metal is one of the three qualified producers designated after screening by the Korea Exchange and quality certification by the Minting and Security Printing Corporation, and supplies excellent quality gold to the market.


Au/Ag/Pt sputtering target.

Purity    Au/Ag 99.99% or higher. Pt 99.95%
Standard    Size and alloy ratio can be customized
Purpose    Electronics


Blue flower silver

Purity    99.5% or more
Content    More than 80% of Ag
a molecular formula    AgCN, Silver Cyanide
Shape and purpose    Since silver is a white powder with a content of 80% or more and is not dissolved in water, it is dissolved in cyan (KCN) and used for plating.


Cu-Graphene Paste
& Powder


Epoxy Solder

Ag Paste & ACH(Ag-Cu-Gr)

Cu-Graphene Paste & Powder
Using graphene-coated particles developed to prevent oxidation of copper, nano...Self-developed and mass-produced through the internalization of powder and binder synthesis of various sizes ranging from micro to micro.