Advantiv Technologies, Inc. is part of the Advantec Group's global network across 9 countries, offering technology solutions (technology integration, value-added services, manufacturing, & sourcing) to the semiconductor, display, medical equipment, clean energy, data center and related industries. Leveraging the Advantec Group’s leading global market share, Advantiv has been providing the highest quality test wafers on the market since 2002, as well as vacuum products, gas line assemblies and targets. Our customer base includes nearly all OEMs including AMAT, Lam, KLA, TEL and CMP chemicals/consumables producers like Dupont & Cabot. More recently, Advantiv has expanded its offerings to include unique industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions for both fabs and OEMs. Customers & partners will attest to Advantiv’s Quality, Value, Delivery, and Differentiated Products.

Providing Semi Processing:
Wafer Solutions
From bare substrates to thin film services on common materials including silicon, glass, quartz, SiC along with other common metal substrates.
Dimensions: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 450mm, etc.
Providing inspection, grinding, polishing and dicing services are common capabilities that are extended to our customers.
Providing patterned solutions for all specific needs.
Providing grinding/thinning solutions for all specific needs.
Providing cleaning / reclaim solutions for all specific needs.
Providing thin film solutions for all specific needs.
Thin Film(s) [Ag, Al, a-C, Ag, Au, Cu, e-Cu, Fe, IP, Mo, Ni, Pd, Ru SiC, SiGe, SiN, Ta, Ti, TiN, W, WN and more.
Providing metrology solutions for all specific needs.
Inspection services, dicing services and more...
Material Solutions
Providing sputtering targets, rotary and planar with materials such as:
Aluminum [Al]
Cobalt [Co]
Copper [Cu]
Gold [Au]
Indium [In]
Lead [Pb]
Lithium [Li]
Magnesium [Mg]
Manganese [Mn]
Molybdenum [Mo]
and more...
Vacuum Solutions
Providing flanges, center rings, bellows, weldments, viewports and other quality components or chambers.
Providing engineering solutions for your specific drawings for gas piping or any specialized unique component.
NW Flanges, NW Blank Flanges, NW Center Rings, 0-Rings, NW Fixed
NW Clamps, Bulkhead Clamps, NW Chain Clamps
ICF Mini Flanges, ICF Gaskets, ICF Viewports
Bellows, NW,ICF, ISO types
Fittings Elbows, Crosses and more...

Power Quality Solutions:
Power Quality Analyzer + Smart Sensor
Ultra-accurate phasor measurement unit (for R&D on micro-grids and distribution grids
Industrial Power Corruptor (to test equipment immunity)
Product integration and implementation support
Training and consulting
Testing of equipment for immunity to power quality issues