The predecessor of GlobalWafers was the Semiconductor Business Unit of SAS (Sino-American Silicon Products Inc), founded in Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park, 1981. SAS is the largest supplier of 3” ~ 12” wafers domestically at present, providing superior solar wafers and ingots.
To enhance competitiveness and operating performance, SAS carves out semiconductor business as GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. via restructure and specialization on October 1, 2011.
GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. is the largest company specializing in 3” to 12” silicon wafer manufacturing in Taiwan, possessing a complete production line from ingot growth, slicing, etching, diffusion, polishing and epitaxy. Our high value products include Epi wafers, polished wafers, etched wafers, ultra thin wafers and deep diffusion wafers. Whether in terms of expertise consulting, mutual development and after service, GlobalWafers has received praise from both domestic and foreign customers. Product applications have extended through power management, automotive, IT and MEMS.
GlobalWafers shall devote in semiconductor products expansion, quality improvement and customer satisfaction. GlobalWafers aims at becoming the best wafer supplier and providing total solution and maintaining positive growth of the company together with our customers and partners by offering them the best quality, technology and service, and creates greater values to our customers, shareholders and employees .

Global Synergy
Local Service
Deployment in Mainland China – SST
To globalize products and realize the idea of international industry cooperation -“Global Synergy, Local Service” – SAS, the parent company of GlobalWafers, established SST in Mainland China, in 1999 to provide 4”~8” wafers to increase the production flexibility, exploring potential market, and serving local customers. After the formal carve-out on October 1, 2011, SST has become GlobalWafers’ subsidiary with 100% shareholding. .

Deployment in USA
SAS, the parent company of GlobalWafers, acquired American company GlobiTech as a 100% shareholder on April 1, 2008. After the formal carve-out on October 1, 2011, GlobiTech has become GlobalWafers’ subsidiary with 100% shareholding. The acquisition has combined GlobiTech’s epitaxial expertise and customer value with GlolbalWafers’ superior management experience, equipping GlolbalWafers with process capability from ingot growing, to slicing, grinding, polishing and epitaxial deposition; it also helps GlobalWafers entering into high-value 6” and 8” epitaxial wafering business. Via the acquisition, GlobalWafers not only acquires an excellent technical and management team of silicon and epitaxial wafers, but also builds direct contact to tier-1 companies.
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Deployment in Japan
GlobalWafers Japan
To enlarge semiconductor business scale and improve integration and market share, GlobalWafers acquired 100% equity of Covalent Silicon Corporation, the silicon wafer business of Covalent Materials Corporation’s, also the sixth-largest manufacturer in the world. On January 1, 2013, Covalent Silicon Corporation was renamed GlobalWafers Japan. Besides superior core technology, capacity expansion and tier-1 customers, the acquisition also increases operation synthesis and value as well as completes the product portfolio, including 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8” and 12” wafers. GlobalWafers is no doubt the professional supplier of all wafer series.
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Deployment in Europe
Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S
In the consideration of global strategy and efficient utilizations of resources, GlobalWafers acquired the silicon activities of Topsil in July, 2016. Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S (“Topsil”) headquartered at Copenhagen in Denmark, wa a leading pioneer of neutron transmutation doped (NTD) float zone (FZ) silicon wafers. Topsil’s 3”–8” FZ wafers were widely recognized in automobile and high power applications because of its superior technology and quality. The acquisition not only helped GlobalWafers successfully step into the FZ wafers, but also added two more modern European plants to global deployment, further strengthening GlobalWafers’ operation scale with enhanced sales channels to expand the market in Europe. The high efficiency product line will also make the portfolio more complete to meet the demand of automobile and high power applications for GlobalWafers, strengthening it future position in the global semiconductor market.
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Global Deployment
SunEdison Semiconductor
GlobalWafers successfully acquired SunEdison Semiconductor on 2016/12/2. The combined entity brought together GlobalWafers’ unparalleled operating model and market strengths with SunEdison Semiconductor’s expansive global footprint and product development capabilities. GlobalWafers will see a meaningful expansion of its production capabilities and breadth in product and global customer base, including greater access to the Korea and EU as well as SOI product technologies and capacity. It will also have a significant increase in financial scale. GWC had completed all diameters wafer manufacturing from 3” to 12”, all types of wafers including epi-wafers, annealed wafers, polished wafers, diffusion wafers, leading high-tech SOI and FZ wafers. Moreover, GWC is possessing 16 sites over the world located in 10 countries including Taiwan, China, USA, Japan, Demark, Poland, Korea, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore to provide worldwide customers the most efficient, effective and highest quality services as well as superior strategic position in supplier risk management for all customers.
With complete customer-oriented process and strict quality management, GlobalWafers is dedicated to providing customers with distinguished products. SAS, the predecessor of GlobalWafers has been certified with ISO9002 in 1995, QS9000 in 1999, ISO/TS 16949 in 2005 and ISO-14001 in 2004! A complete QA system and Environment Management guarantee GlobalWafers’ status as a competent manufacturer of superior products.
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Strategic Alliance / Maximizing Synergy
GlobalWafers enhances its operation performance via integration through strategic alliance and reinvestment in USA, China and Japan. We aggressively yet steadily expand business spectrum and market share in the principle of maximizing shareholder profit. GlobalWafers aims at become the leader in global wafering.