Cleanroom ⁄ BSL-3 ⁄ CPF
cell processing facility
Bio-clean treatment room
Bio-clean operating theater
Air shower ⁄ Pass box
AAS (Advanced Pulse jet air shower)
EAS (Pulse jet air shower)
FAS (air shower)
Auto door air shower
Auto sliding door air shower
Sheet shutter air shower
L ⁄ T-shaped air shower
Dust removal air shower
2-connected air shower
Dimension 1500mm air shower
Self-setting air shower
Bye-bye king (Bacteria elimination & deodorant system)
HPB (High-grade pass box)
APB (Advanced pass box)
EPB (Standard pass box)
BHPB (Biohazard pass box)
Shower pass box
Air-knife pass box
Clean booth ⁄ FFU
Temperature control booth
Thermal clean chamber
Self-setting MAC
Self-setting clean bench
Weighing apparatus booth
SS-MAC (Multipurpose fan filter unit)
EC-MAC (Stainless steel fan filter unit)
FFU for cleanroom
FFU meeting Industrial standards
Overseas standard compliant FFU Pipe Hood
Clean bench ⁄ Biosafety Cabinet ⁄ Isolator
VS (Vertical laminar flow clean bench)
HS (Horizontal laminar flow clean bench)
FS (Clean bench, installing a fun on the top surface)
Bio clean bench
Light clean bench
KVM (Table top clean bench)
APC (Portable clean bench)
Self-setting clean bench
KLB (Line clean bench)
Biosafety Cabinet Class ⅡA2
Biosafety Cabinet Class ⅡB2
Table top biosafety cabinet
Glove box
Aseptic isolator
High bioactive substance Isolator
High bioactive substance Isolator
Double-side Operation Bio Clean Bench
Biosafety Cabinet Type Air Isolation System
Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Decontamination Equipment
Infection control equipment and facility
Class 1 infectious diseases countermeasure sickroom
Negative pressure booth
Biosafety hood
Biosafety capsule stretcher
Phlegm collecting booth
Packaged exhaust unit
Biosafety autopsy room
Clean partition
Insect control facility
Insect control facility apparatus
Bug keeper
Bug shield
Air Curtain for Cold Storage
Cleanroom facility
Clean partition
Clean box
Clean shelf
Garment stocker
Clean stock system
Battery clean wagon
Clean air oven
Clean hand washer & dryer
Clean hand dryer
Clean Viewer (Portable Airflow Visualization Device)
Clean supplies
Clean garment
Sterile Disposable Wear
Wafer box sealing tape
Vacuum cleaner
Clean Cleaning
Dust and Chemical Dust Remover/Deodorizer
Fume hood
Chemical dust remover
Chemical hazard bench
Draft chamber
Vacuum cleaner
Photocatalytic deodorizing machine