Welcome to SVG Tech Group

As a leader in advanced nano manufacturing technologies, SVG Tech Group offers the functional optical films and devices, for display, lighting, capacitive touch panels, such as ultra-thin light guide plates, large size touch panels and microlens array films. SVG Tech Group also make technology transfering in the nano-manufacturing systems including UV  maskless lithography, nano-patterning, roll-to-roll nano-imprinting  and 3D light field printing systems for  variety of industrial and research applications.

SVG Tech Group has been a stock company in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, code: 300331, from June.28,212.

The national united center for micro-nano manufacturing at SVG Optronics has been approved by National development & reform committee of china on Nove.20,2011.

The philosophy of the center is innovation & collaboration from the concepts to realization of the products for customers and with the customers.
Principles: integrity, responsibility, reliability
Values: Together for the client, Passion for innovation, One step ahead,Support and respect to the core

SVG Tech Group has been dedicated to develop the cutting-edge micro-nano fabrication of the large format optical films with cost-effective. With the industry-leading technology, SVG Tech Group offers a series of superior featuring films, such as holographic packaging material, optical and conductive devices for the flat display, printing and security industries based on surface-relief-micro-nano-structures. The products are included the  light guide film(LGF) for BLUof mobile phone and notebook,  the microlens array film(MLA) for 3D display and security,  light shaped diffuser(LSD) for LED lighting. The patented roll-to-roll micro-nano manufacturing processes result in micro-optical components that are reflow compatible, low-cost and ideally suited for both high-volume and specialized applications.  SVG Tech Group is also the provider of the UV laser patterning generator featuring sub-micron resolution and nanoimprint equipment  for the industries, education and research.
Applications: Micro-nano fabrication, Display films & devices, Advanced Holographic Packing & Printing, Optical security, Micro-Optics, and the related fields.

National United Engineering Research Center for Micro/nano Manufacturing  

The national united center for micro/nano manufacturing, Engineering research center for digital optical imaging & novel-printing, Jiangsu Province  was approved in 2011 and 2002, respectively, by NRDC of china and Jiangsu. The center is joint together by SVG Tech Group  with Soochow University and Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) administration. The center owns a branch of SIP postdoctoral  work-station.

The progresses on the R&D of micro-nano maufacturing lead SVG Tech Group to earn "Enterprise Innovation Award" of Jiangsu in 2011, and Top 10 Innovative Companies in SIP of Suzhou. 

Research center carries out technical and integrated innovation in key technologies, equipment, and materials. The main concern topics  at present is flat panel display devices, LED efficiency, microlens array of advanced manufacturing technology and ultra-high-resolution graphics direct-write lithography systems, digital 3D imaging and printing technologies,  and equipment, etc. Concerned about the demands of the industry, the center's researchers explores the pilot-projects for the industrialization of the results to provide technical support and solutions in the mentioned fields.
SVG Tech Groups is a famous innovation company in china due to the contributions to industries on the technical progresses,  and earned the series of national and state level S&T AWARDS for the innovation work for the  nano-patterning and related technologies in the recent years.

SVG Tech Group also won the "ENTERPRISE INNOVATION AWARD" for top 20 innovation companies in Jiangsu Province, 2011. 

Going forward, SVG Tech Group plans to continue to work closely with its  customers in these fields to enable ever smaller and cheaper solutions for complete opto-electronic modules for the industries.

MiScan:laser graphic writing equipment
MiScan series laser graphic direct writing equipment saves tedious Mask processing steps and provides rapid, efficient and low-cost optical engraving process solutions. Especially for users who have the external coordination requirements of photoengraving Mask, they can make their own corresponding masks to reduce costs or improve the development speed requirements.This product USES high power semiconductor laser light source, long life and low power consumption;User interface friendly and flexible, support a variety of layout design format;Can be based on their own needs, convenient and flexible choice of different projection multiplier to achieve a variety of modes of exposure.
Microlab:4 axis pattern generator
The Microlabl, a novel model of laser pattern generator or direct writing system with SLM technology(spatial light modulator) with 4-motion axises, has been designed to fabricate the precision micro-patterns, grayscale lithography on the planar or curved surfaces under the rectangular or polar coordinates.
iGrapher series:high rate micro-pattern generator
By using iGrapher's Beam Tile Flash Patterning( BTFP) mode, it takes less than 0.5 hours for 6" wafer patterning of 0.1um resolution for integrated circuit masks, and 0.2 hours in the high speed mode. That is the industry-leading exposure rate, extremely fast!
NanoCrystal :nano-devices & materials
NanoCrystal200 is specially designed for nano-patterning of meta-surface, nano-devices and materaials with resolution of 100nm.
HoloScanV: advanced holographic mastering system for large size
The HoloScanV is an advanced large format holoraphic mastering system to fabricate the masters for 3D holograms, optical variable devices, diffraction patterns and sub-wavelength optics on the ultra-large substrates.
Customized micro-nano optics
The customized micro-nano optics(CMN) center at SVG Optronics offers a full service from design and manufacturing up to the characterization of micro-nano optical elements for EUV to FIR applications and their processing and assembly in whole systems.
iEngraver for LGP Molding
With the several years R&D acitivities, the excellent engineers and facilities make the iEngraver, the molding system, achieve the high quality and powerful performances.
Precision molding for LGP, display & hologram / Mask Preparation
The hollow mask: graphics resolution 1u, hollow opening >40um, thickness 50um, substrate Ni. The purposes: OLED organic vapor deposition, the microelectrode hollow mask plate, the solar battery halftone: 50um line-width halftone.
Micro-nano structure & hologram samples
the HoloMakerIIIc, the HoloMakerIIIb, the HoloScanV, iGrapher200-800 and the Microlab100.