Planar JSC (KBTEM) is the scientific and technical group of dedicated designers, technicians and production engineers which develops and supplies special systems for realization of critical technologies in microelectronics.

Precise engineering is the foundation for the development and further growth of the modern technology.

Equipment for mask pattern generation and inspection

Equipment for wafer pattern generation and inspection

Assembly Equipment (probers, grinders, dicing saw)

Assembly Equipment (die/wire bonder)

Inspection Station

Our enterprise has its own optical production since 1967. Within the programs of extension of optical production appeared  processing, vacuum-evaporation, inspection equipment of such companies as «Loh», «Data», «Moller Wedel», «Oriel», «Leubold Heraus» and others. A wide range of inspection, calibration and measurement devices has been developed and produced. Has The line of own equipment assemblies has been developed, including equipment assemblies for thin-walled reflectors by vacuum bending, for lens centering in mounting; for assembly, adjustment and testing of  precise projection lens. The new manufacturing methods of processing new glass grades has been implemented; has been solved manufactured problems arising by producing complicated prisms such as Amici, roof-shape and others. So, it is possible to produce precise optical assemblies and components.

Optical components and optical coating:

- lens (including diffraction), prisms, wafers, magnifying glass;

- bifocal spheroprismatic components;

- spherical aerostatic  bearings;

- reflectors, obtained by vacuum bending;

- certified and testing photomasks;

- extra precise grids, masks, scales; linear and angular targets, limbs, raster grids;

- diffraction grating (including dividing grating, redistributing radiation in equal intensity), diffraction focuser, laser radiation converters (including converters into line, dots range, intersecting lines, ring);

- microlens rasters on the optical glass and cylindrical lens;

- components cells biraster;

- diffusers, homogenizers;

- optical coatings: interference, polarize, antireflected.

The tool making facility manufactures moulds for die casting of plastics, elastomers, casting press-forms for aluminum alloys, stamps, appliances and special cutting tools for the metal machining facility.
The tool production co-operates with other workshops of the plant for heat treatment of the parts (hardening, carburizing, saturation with C), while machining and finishing large-sized parts, for precision measurements, galvanic operations.
The tool production also co-operates with other enterprises where it is possible to make chemical, thermal operations (nitriding- N satiation, cyanidation - C+N satiation), coordinate milling operations at 1000 х 1000mm field, order ferrous metal casting and nonferrous casting, make electrospark operations.
Molds’ testing is carried out on thermoplastic automatic machine model 800/315 CDC, control system UNILOG 4000B, larger moulds with injection volume exceeding 400 cm3 can be tested at one of the plants manufacturing TV set housings.
ProEngineer is used during development of molds and marks and also it is possible to use SolidWorks and AutoCAD.

Products manufactured by photolithography: precise photomasks, reference grids and sighting scales, test-objects, test patterns, radial limbs and code disks, analyzing masks and diaphragms, standard glass divided scales and raster linear scales.

Photomasks used for manufacture of ICs, MEMS and HICs, as well as to test and certify tolerances of the optomechanical and inspection machines.




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