EPD (End Point Detection) : Smart EPD is In-Situ, Real Time, End Point Detection System for Dry Etcher. SmartEPD system is classified as an OES(Optical Emission Spectroscophy) type, and it can Automatically detect not only exact EPD time but also Abnormal process(Fault Detection)by monitoring Full Wavelengths(200-850nm)

HMS (Health Monitoring System) : Smart HMS is the World 1st OES Type, Real-Time, Plasma Chamber Monitoring System that mainly detects Vacuum leakage and Abnormal Plasma Signal. By analyzing Chamber Conditions in real time, HMS prevents users from Critical Loss.

EGIS(Eagle Eye System) : EGiS Inspects Glass Crack/Chipping/Broken from Glass Transfer to increase Chamber Operating Rate.

OWI(Optical Waviness Inspector) : EGiS-Wavi mainly inspects waviness of bare glass at the Source Inspection Step. Without glass waviness inspection, it can result uncountable loss since users can only find defective LCD at their final vision test step.




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