Hwatsing Co., Ltd. is a high-end semiconductor equipment manufacturer with core independent intellectual property rights. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP), grinding and other equipment and supporting consumables, as well as wafer regeneration foundry services.
        The core team members come from professionals at home and abroad, and the products can be widely used in the fields of very large-scale integrated circuit wafer manufacturing, packaging, MEMS manufacturing, silicon material manufacturing and other fields.

        Huahai Qingke relies on its international business philosophy, talent team, and advanced process test conditions, and is committed to providing integrated solutions for advanced CMP, high-end grinding and other equipment and processes for enterprises in related fields, and follows the "science and technology to serve the society" company. The purpose is to continue to win the trust of domestic and foreign users with excellent quality and excellent service.