Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley, OAI combines innovative engineering with lowered total cost of ownership. Affordable, versatile solutions are at the core of the brand. OAI has developed a time-tested platform of modularized subsystems, which serve as the core of their custom configured photolithography systems. This proven approach controls cost, improves reliability, increases system flexibility, and ultimately reduces the cost of ownership. These attributes are present in their solar, photovoltaic, MEMS, and microfluidic industry products as well. All OAI products are proudly manufactured in the USA in San Jose, California and are in use worldwide. OAI is a long-time member of SEMI and a founding member of the MEMS & Sensors Industry Group.

Customers quickly learn that OAI is unique among the competitors in their field. OAI understands that there is a critical difference between merely offering a piece of capital equipment for sale and actually providing a highly functional solution based on the customer’s unique requirements. With this distinction in mind, the company has built its reputation by forming ongoing, collaborative customer relationships––the length of some is measured in decades.

Semiconductor & Nanotechnology
OAI has been at the forefront of UV photolithography in the semiconductor industry for 40+ years. As nanotechnology continues to find new applications in advanced technology products, OAI will do our part to push the limits of optical technology.

MEMS, Sensors & Microfluidics
The incredible potential of very small machines was recognized by OAI very early in the development cycle. MEMS and microfluidic devices became practical once they could be fabricated using semiconductor device fabrication techniques. OAI is well positioned to play a significant, ongoing role in the development of MEMS and advanced sensor technologies.

Solar Photovoltaic
As wide spread photovoltaic use began nearly 20 years ago, OAI made a commitment to focus on this nascent industry. In the ensuing decades, OAI has played a part in advancing solar/PV technology by facilitating growth and manufacturing scale. OAI instruments and measurement tools are utilized to reduce cost, increase reliability, and improve process efficiency.

Mask Aligners
UV Exposure Systems
UV Intensity Meters and Radiometers
UV Light and Energy Analyzers
Wafer Bonder
Mask Treatment Process
UV Ozone Surface Treatment Plus
NIL Technology
Solar & Photovoltaic
Solar Simulators
I-V Test Systems
Solar Power Meters
Solar Cell Test Fixtures
Calibrated Reference Cells
UV Meters
Resistivity Meters
Powder Resistivity Meters



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